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Adjustable Bends

  •     We have an extensive range of bends in stock. Stocks are made from 0.55mm galvanised or stainless steel

  •     Jensen Bends are also available in 0.75mm galvanised and stainless steel

  •     Offsets can be obtained by joining two adjustable bends

Note: For low pressure systems the joints should either be sealed with metal sealant and/or duct tape after the angle is set.

Adjustable Bend 90°

90° bends are available in short (standard) and long radius (made to order). The most commonly used being short radius.

Adjustable Bend 45°

A 3 segment bend, adjustable 0 to 45 degrees.

Fixed Bend

We manufacture to order, a range of standard sizes. We can also make to your specifications, from a diameter of 75mm and a centre line radius of 1.0 upwards.

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