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Uninsulated duct

Polyaire Uninsulated duct has a metalized outer surface and is fire rated 4254-2002.

Operating temperatures are -20°C to 80°C, and operating pressure -190pa to +1200pa. General use for exhaust and ventilation systems

Insulated Duct

This firebreak duct has a metalized inner core and metalized outer fire jacket with polyester insulation. Operating temperatures are -20°C to +80°C, and operating pressure -190pa to +1200pa. General use for heating and cooling. This duct complies with A.S. 4254-2002 and the insulation is rated R0.6.


Test certificates are available.



For securing round flexible duct to outlets, pipes or fittings. No screws or clamps needed.

Duct tape - Black

For use with flexible duct to ensure an airtight seal

48mm x 30m


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