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Blast Gate

Used for high velocity airflow systems. Contact us with your dimensions for prices.

Casing Cover

Also known as over-flashings. We make these to measure. Contact us with your dimensions for prices.


Stand Off Bracket

Made to measure. Contact us for prices..


Rubber 'O' Gasket

When joining, the gasket rolls down to lodge against the inner groove forming an airtight seal.


* Self sealing - no sealant required

* Time saving

* Quick and easy to use

* Airtight joint


Can be used with rolled pipes and any of Jensen’s fittings (except for adjustable bends)


Joint connection meets or exceed SMACNA’S leakage class 3 requirement, per SMACNA’s

Duct Design Manual from -12” W.G. to +12” W.G.



Square based, single piece of molded EPDM, with bonded flexible aluminium flange - suitable for most profiles of roof sheeting.


Folded Angle

Available in different sizes and gauges.


U Strut

General purpose bracketing for mounting equipment.


Spring Nut

Used with U Strut to attach M10 threaded rod or bolts.


Aluminium Reinforced tape

48mm x 50mm

for internal use only

Flashing tape

For permanent weatherproof installations on roofs. Self

adhesive,  1.2mm thick x 100mm wide,  contains bitumen.


General Sheet Metal Products

We also offer a jobbing shop facility where one-off items can be manufactured. E.g. flashings, rainwater heads, flexible duct connectors…... Contact us with your needs for a quotation


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