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Spiral Pipes

Lockformed joints form the distinctive spiral that gives these pipes their name. Available in both galvanised (stock lengths 2 & 3m) and stainless steel (made to order). Longer lengths custom made.



Our spiral machine is made by Spiro® , the world's leading manufacturer of these machines.


We carry extensive stocks 80mm up to 600mm diameter in:


Galvanised           2 & 3 metre lengths

Stainless  304      3 metre lengths. (assorted diameters)


We can also custom make longer lengths


*In heavier gauges and longer lengths,

*In Colorsteel, copper, aluminium & stainless 316 - min. vol. required for these materials.


                            Prices on application


Stiffening rib for sizes 200mm and above (available on request) free of charge



  •     Duct for heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  •     Exhaust stacks
  •     Wood chip conveyers
  •     A casing for insulated oil supply pipe, chilled water pipes etc
  •     Concrete column and pile liners
  •     The barrel to support roller shutter doors and grilles
  •     A duct tube for joining pre-cast concrete componentry
  •     Fluming for water drainage projects
  •     Culvert pipe



Round Pipes

The standard length is 1200mm long, although we can make smaller lengths (price on application). The seam is longitudinal and spot welded. These are typically swaged and crimped on one end to enable them to fit into either each other, or other fittings eg cowls.

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